Health Access Simplified

FlashCare is a comprehensive and innovative solutions platform to connect patients with medical care providers. Its location based on-demand services ensures ease of access, time bound delivery and credibility in healthcare deliverance.

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A single app for all medical needs

On Demand Healthcare

Get the care provider of your choice, to the location of your choice. Get past the uncertainty and waiting in long queues to meet a doctor.

Emergency Services

Access to medical professionals made simplest to cater to your emergency health needs. Press the emergency button and get in touch with providers.

Second Opinion

Have you ever felt handicapped and dissatisfied, having to listen to a doctor…Not anymore, we help you find doctors at your time to get second opinions

Health News

Stay updated with everything related to health from the most respected medical journals, health forums. Say no to misinformation and misguidance.

Interact with Professionals

Access to other care providers made easy through chat and case discussions. Never feel left out and stay in constant touch with your professional community.

Medicines Home Delivered

Get medicines prescribed to you delivered at your doorstep after comparing the quotes sent to you by different pharmacies around you.


One stop shop for all your medical needs

Basic Health Needs

Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, veterinary doctors, lab technicians will help you with basic health needs at your convenience and the comfort

Emergency Services

For emergency cases, you have the option to use the EMERGENCY feature in the app, which will prioritize you, and the care providers will be able to respond immediately

Location Based Services

Personalized healthcare at your door step. No more waiting in long queues or having to book appointments or running around hospitals


Life doesn't wait, so its good to know that you can meet a nearby doctor or careprovider when you really need them on demand without scheduling an appointment. Get the immediate service you deserve.

Thanks to Mobile Internet, you can connect to a careprovider anytime, anywhere – whether it’s the middle of the night or if you are in middle of a road trip. Sign up for FlashCare and request a doctor or care provider.


App Screenshots


FlashCare is a product of Leonyn Solutions Private Limited.

In the current revolution of the mobile ecosystem, the on-demand services are reshaping multiple sectors/verticals rapidly. The healthcare sector in India is currently undergoing a technological transformation. FlashCare App is aimed at fast-tracking this and to fill in the gaps in the current system.

Bridging the gap

FlashCare App brings people and care-givers closer in a more coherent fashion keeping in mind the current healthcare scenario in India. People can get care services on-demand without having to step out of their comfort zone. We empower the caregivers to reach the people directly to deliver immediate and responsive care.


FlashCare is aimed at revolutionizing the way people receive care services. We hope to optimize the prevalent care delivery methods by way of using the latest technological advancements. Our aim is to have a wide network of independent care givers like doctors, nurses, lab technicians, nutritionists, veterinarians etc. We wish to leverage this network to provide seamless care services to the people who are seeking care services on-demand.

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